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There has been a lot of criticism on the upcoming tea parties. In the New York Times, on YouTube, and by a number of bloggers. There are those who blame the republicans, but are going to a tea party to find answers, who flat out blame the republicans and look to Obama as hope, and those who think republicans are crazy, and those who are just wondering if these tea parties will ‘work’.

A post by one of the latter is pointing out some flaws and I would just like to respond.

Here’s my problem…These are Republicans

Yes, republicans are attending who don’t always support freedom, you could say hijacking the movement. But the main source for these could be classified as the Ron Paul republicans, the ones who want way lower taxes, freedom, and the Constitution.

being egged on by Fox News and various other conservative talk show hosts.

This is a problem. Neo-cons like Glenn Beck are creating their own ‘movement’ if you could even call it that. They are getting more people to attend. So this is the game plan: spread the right message to these people. If they are coming, try to help them get something out of it.

The original tea party was about taxation without representation. These people are all represented in government. So their comparison to the original tea party is totally flawed.

These people are not represented in government. If they were, taxes would be much lower. This would, in turn, help the economy.

More though, our country (and indeed global economic community) is in a severe recession/depression. The tea partiers are not offereing solutions… they’re just complaining. I’m sorry, lowering taxes is not going to solve our problem. Government programs are helping people out in a LOT of ways right now. Especially around here where unemployment has ballooned to 9.8 percent. If you cut taxes, you have to cut those programs. That means those of us not making much money are going to be hurt even more.

Yes, our country is having major economic difficulties. That is a fact. And these tea parties may not be directly offering a solution. But they are trying to provoke change. And lowering taxes would definitely help solve the problem. Especially for businesses: if they have lower taxes, they can hire more workers. People are getting help from the government, but not the people who really need it. And to ‘help’ these people, they are taking it away from the people who earned the money. Additionally, it is not the responsibility of the government to support those in need. The government was originally just there to support “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Plus, stopping stimulus actions means the US auto industry totally collapses and disappears. The banking industry collapses and credit is gone.

That collapse is just something we would have to deal with. America can’t be spending trillions it doesn’t have and expect to survive. It would be hard, but debt is hard, too.

That means people are out of jobs and businesses that depend on loans for day-to-day operations are forced to lay people off. The already high unemployment rate would sky-rocket. Something simply HAS to be done. We can’t just sit back and NOT take action. It’s not that simple.

It is that simple. Free markets regulate themselves. ‘Taking action’ by regulating everything is what got us into this mess and it won’t get us out.

Then there’s the glaring hypocrisy of the Republican party these days. For years all we heard was the notion that criticising the President was akin to treason… Now, as soon as Obama takes office, the Republican party can’t say anyting but negative things about him.

First of all, democrats only had negative things to say about Bush. Was he a good president? No. But now you expect us to start praising Obama for ruining America? And I do have to say, the Republican party is very hypocritical these days. But the actual people don’t really have a say anymore. The party is spiraling out of control. Not to mention the politicians that don’t have a clue about politics, like Sarah Palin.

The presumptive party leader (Rush) is openly campaigning for him to fail.

For who to fail? For Obama to fail? Because he already is. (No offense.)

Congressional Republicans have become the party of “no.”

Is that such a bad thing? Saying no to spending money we won’t have? Ron Paul has been nicknamed ‘Dr. No’ but he is a strict constitutionalist.

There are no fresh ideas coming out of the Republican party these days.

There is no change coming out of the Democratic party, either. And the Republican movement is about conservatism.

They’ve suddenly forgotten that Bush raised taxes and increased government spending and size at an unbelievable rate of the last 8 years. Now, when Obama is trying to undo all the damage Bush did, the Republicans are being sore losers.

Obama is not undoing any damage. He is keeping many of Bush’s policies. And he is also increasing spending at an alarming rate. Is this undoing any damage?

I know a lot of Republicans read my blog… I’m happy to listen to ideas for solving our current problems. If they make sense to me, I’ll say so. I will say up front though, saying “lower taxes” is not going to win my vote. The country has tried that route and it didn’t work. I’m looking for NEW ideas. And they’ve got to take into account the current economic conditions.

Here is an idea: make America’s market a free market. And when has America ever really tried the strategy of lowering taxes? Maybe if we audited, or even ended the federal reserve, we might not be in this mess. The federal reserve is a private bank that answers to no one, just does as it pleases. We should stop the spending, get out of NATO (which is costing us a bunch, but not giving us anything), and get rid of the unnecessary departments of government (e.g. Department of Homeland Security).

Were my comments thorough enough for you? These were my ideas, what do you think will work?


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