25 things Google knows about you

April 16, 2009 at 10:43 pm Leave a comment

Here you can read about the 25 things Google knows about you, some of them are suprising.

Some of the scarier ones are:

2. The web pages you visit: Google AdSense is used by many web pages for online advertising, and Google’s cookies record your visits to web pages with their ad program on them.

6. Who and what you’re emailing: GMail users, and those who send mail to GMail users share a variety of personal and business information with Google.

7. What’s on your PC: If you’re using Google Desktop, Google knows everything that you keep on your computer.

13. What you’re watching on YouTube: Google owns YouTube, and knows about all the dirty videos you’ve been watching.

This is a huge privacy violation, but, it’s Google. Google can do anything it wants, right? Well, as long as people still use it, it can. But think about it: do you want all of this stuff out there for Google to collect and store?


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