Global Warming: new regulations…and some facts you didn’t know

April 17, 2009 at 8:05 pm 3 comments

The US is clearing the way for some new environmental regulations, according to this article. Here is an excerpt:

The Obama administration opened the way to regulating U.S. greenhouse gas emissions on Friday by declaring climate-warming pollution a danger to human health and welfare, in a sharp policy shift from the Bush administration.

Environmental activists and their supporters in Congress were jubilant and industry groups were wary at the news of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s move. The White House said President Barack Obama would prefer legislation over administrative action to curb greenhouse emissions.

But what kinds of action?

The EPA’s finding is essential for the U.S. government to regulate climate-warming emissions like carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. Regulation is not automatically triggered by the finding — there will be a 60-day comment period.

Congress is already considering a bill to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, which is emitted by cars, coal-fired power plants and oil refineries, among other sources.

More regulations…definitely not what we need in this economy. But why is there such a push?

In its announcement, the EPA said, “greenhouse gases in the atmosphere endanger the public health and welfare of current and future generations” and human activities spur global warming.

Do these things harm people? Well, 31,000 scientists disagree with global warming. Want to know more? A global warming skeptic links you to tons of great sources on the global warming fraud.

A lot of bloggers have something to say on the subject.

One blogger says that anything written by the EPA will be bad:

Obama is playing the cards right here, using the EPA to ratchet pressure on congress to come up with a carbon pricing scheme, using the EPA as a cautionary tale. If there is anything anti-environmentalists hate more than carbon regulation, it is carbon regulation written by the EPA! Expect a whole lot of lobbying for a cap and trade bill to pass through congress. Aldo expect a lot of back room dealing about offsets, auctions, allowances, words you will be hearing and reading about a lot more.

Another says, “get ready to be poor”

The Obama Administration obviously sees no reason to take pause over all the contradictory information and evidence that has been brought forward by eminent climate scientists and researchers. It is clear that all that is important is getting this plan in place so the United States becomes minimized on the world stage and it’s peoples made subserviant to other countries wishes.

This post adds a little humor to the situation saying, “Gee, I hope they’ll let me breathe.”

But there are others who are in support: exhibit a (who would be supportive of a bill that passed these regulations) and exhibit b (who thinks this is a great first step to solving our global warming crisis). There is actually a site out there that teaches you how to talk to a climate change skeptic.

But you look at the facts and decide: do you want more regulations on your car, house, and that limit your CO2 output?


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