87,215 Iraqi deaths since 2005

April 23, 2009 at 5:25 pm 1 comment

According to an article posted today on Associated Press, 87,215 Iraqis have died since 2005, and more than 110,600 since 2003.

The number is a minimum count of violent deaths. The official who provided the data to the AP, on condition of anonymity because of its sensitivity, estimated the actual number of deaths at 10 to 20 percent higher because of thousands who are still missing and civilians who were buried in the chaos of war without official records.

The data obtained by the AP measure only violent deaths – people killed in attacks such as the shootings, bombings, mortar attacks and beheadings that have ravaged Iraq. It excluded indirect factors such as damage to infrastructure, health care and stress that caused thousands more to die.

When will the violence end? Well although Obama has stated he would like to get most troops out by August of 2010, he is not making too much progress. There are 142,000 troops in Iraq now, and he still wants 35,000 to 50,000 more troops to remain in Iraq in hopes of withdrawing them by the end of 2011 to comply with the Status of Forces Agreement that the Bush administration had signed with the Iraq’s government. “In hopes of” is the key phrase. It is doubtful that he will actually accomplish this. What will probably happen is he will ‘realize’ that he made the wrong decision and call for thousands more troops sent to Iraq.

Jonathan Simeone also does not think the withdrawal will happen:

I do not believe that the Obama administration will be able to stick with this schedule. Given how difficult conditions are on the ground in Iraq I would be surprised if they were able to pull this off without any modifications.

John McCain, if you remember, had said 50 or even 100 more years in Iraq would be fine with him:

So the war isn’t ending anytime soon. 2012 at the earliest, but I don’t think that will happen. Do you trust the government enough to think that they will get all troops out by 2012?


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  • 1. Jonathan Simeone  |  April 23, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    Unfortunately, I do believe we are stuck in Iraq. Given that we created part of the mess there, however, I think we have a moral responsibility to help the Iraqis solve their problems. Maybe, we will get lucky and they will ask us to leave. That, of course, would come with its own dangers, but that’s a topic for another day.


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